Ignatius Layola

Ignatius Layola

Overseas Study Consultant and Services

International Association of Teachers 17701

ETS International Code ID 7010.01

Certified Test and Training Center for TOEFL iBT® STN12286




Our Locations


Jaksa Agung Suprapto 39-41. Kav.12 Surabaya,Indonesia
Ph:+62 31 5340767


Darmo Satelit Utara V/FT-3 Surabaya,Indonesia
Ph:+62 31 7347423

Academic Focus

Ignatius Layola is internationally recognized as an English language learning center. Accredited in A level by the Minister of Education and Culture. This school is dedicated to the total development of its students to achieve their best academic progress and prepare them to have the mental of “learning beyond the classroom” Through its unique and well defined syllabus, Ignatius Layola focuses in providing comprehensive methodology of language learning which enables the students to pursue the global education both local and overseas school.

Ignatius Layola is proud of its excellent academic reputation. Delivering a broad range of educational programs, this school has successfully transferred its students to overseas continuing education in tremendous record. With a team of highly qualified teachers, Ignatius Layola is ready to ensure the result record of high academic standard of English Language proviciency.

Holding the international reputation, Ignatius Layola gains its main role as an authorized ETS partner to run the TOEFL iBT Test , the largest English Testing System network in the world. Thus, Layola conduct the world class Testing Program and provides authentic tutorial teaching.

Extra Curricular

At Layola, we perform extra curricular activities that enable students to fully discover their potential creativities and socialization. We also provide invigorating competitions for a range of events, as well as leadership opportunity for students to be the committee board. Activities are geared to challenge and develop the abilities and interest of each individual.