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Ignatius Layola

Ignatius Layola

Overseas Study Consultant and Services

International Association of Teachers 17701

ETS International Code ID 7010.01

Certified Test and Training Center for TOEFL iBT® STN12286




Our Locations


Jaksa Agung Suprapto 39-41. Kav.12 Surabaya,Indonesia
Ph:+62 31 5340767


Darmo Satelit Utara V/FT-3 Surabaya,Indonesia
Ph:+62 31 7347423

What We Teach
English For Special Purpose

Ignatius Layola realizes that globalization requires adjustment in lifestyles, work and above all the education. Special curriculum and technical teaching are applied to educate the new generation of youngsters to be more independent. Thus Ignatius Layola has been looking ahead to gauge and evaluate the need of its students to acquire the quality of education that is necessary to live and work in the future. English For Special Purposes :

Are ready for those who concern with the improvement of their jobs.

WhatWe Teach